Driver FAQ’s

Payroll Faq’s

Yes, we recommend all staff receive payroll and expense reimbursement payments via direct deposit.
  • Payroll is processed on a semi monthly basis and is paid one period in arrears. For example all miles driven between January 1st and January 15th will be processed and paid on January 31st.
  • All miles driven between January 16th and January 31st will be paid on February15th.
Generally speaking you will be paid to your intended destination.
The payroll payments will be processed on the last week day immediately preceding the regular pay date. For example if the 15th falls on a Sunday you will receive your pay cheque or direct deposit on the Friday preceding the 15th.
All “on road” expenses are to be recorded and submitted along with receipts attached to your trip reports. Expenses require prior approval from dispatch. You will receive a cheque or direct deposit for approved expenses incurred during the payroll period along with your pay cheque.
Charges for road tolls, faxing documents (when TransFlo is not available), purchases of engine oil, coolant and washer fluid (quantities of 1 gallon max) do not require approval.
Yes, expenses will not be reimbursed without a vendor generated receipt.
  • Drivers that go into the United States are provided a credit card that has a pre-approved allowance for $100 per week to cover company expenses. Additional cash advances can be issued if additional company expenses have been incurred.
  • We issue cash advances to “Canada only” drivers under exceptional circumstances. These circumstances are rare.
Advances will be deducted in the payroll period in which they are drawn.
Yes, simply make the request through human resources.
  • Vacation pay is added and paid with each pay cheque.
  •  If you wish to have us accrue your vacation pay please make the request through human resources.
  • If you are having your vacation pay accrued and would like it paid out, notify human resources at least 3 business days prior to pay day.

Document Faq’s

  • Trip reports are the source of information for several accounting systems:
    • Information regarding mileages, border crossings and highways is used to determine the fuel tax that our company must pay to each province and state that we travel through.
    • Our payroll department use the reports to verify that drivers are being paid correctly for work they have completed.
    • This is the form on which expense claims are submitted for reimbursement.
All original documents must be submitted to the office within 24 hours of your return to Saskatoon.
  • A bill of lading is a type of document that is used to acknowledge the receipt of a shipment of goods.  A transportation company or carrier typically issues this document to a shipper.  In addition to acknowledging the receipt of goods, the document indicates the particular vessel on which the goods have been placed, their intended destination and the terms for transporting the shipment to its final destination. It also includes a description of the goods that are being shipped, the weight and the other shipping details.
  • This document along with the customer’s bills are critical for the company to get paid for the transportation of goods.
  • POD is an acronym for “proof of delivery”. The proof of delivery generally includes the JBM and shipper’s BOL as well as the customer’s bills signed by the individual that has received the goods at destination.
  • It is the drivers responsibility to ensure the receiver has signed and dated the BOL and must legibly print the name of the individual that has signed for receipt of the goods.
Transflo express is a document scanning service available in most Flying J, Pilot and Loves Truck Stop locations.
  • Transflo is faster and less expensive than traditional fax charges.
  • Driver’s do not have to pay the cashier for documents sent via Transflo as it is charged directly to our company account.
  • The driver hands his or her trip documents and our company’s cover sheet to a trained cashier.
  • The cashier scans the trip documents. For the typical trip, this takes less than a minute.
  • The cashier prints a confirmation, staples it to the trip documents and hands all paperwork back to the driver.
  • The scanned delivery documents are transmitted to Pegasus TransTech’s redundant data centers and delivered electronically to our office.
  • The documents are available to our corporate office personnel for immediate processing.
    • Lead sheets will be issued at orientation.
    • More lead sheets are available from the dispatch office.
    • For those drivers with computers and printers, lead sheets may be downloaded and printed from the “Drivers Documents” link on our website.


Equipment Faq’s

JBM Quick FAQ's

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Yes, we have 50 temperature controlled trailers for temperature sensitive commodities.

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